I shipped (fandom)

*sigh* Small disclaimer: I like romance but I do not always ship characters. There are certain times though where some characters (printed/digital form, movie or TV) get shipped (put into a relationship) and many folks follow along yet there are times some disagree with the match.

It happened to me with a TV show where there was a certain amount of underlying  sexual tension between two characters which teased at a potential connection for several episodes before the writers chose to chicken out and totally throwing the possibility into the trash, never to allow them together. I had a website at the time and dedicated writing short fan fiction to share with others who were in agreement with my thoughts. It was a nice feeling of relating to strangers about two fictional beings.

Not going to lie: when sexual tension is done really well, a part of my heart flutters at it and there’s a small YAY! *fist pump into the air* because I like relationships… when the characters are two which I think will do great. There are other characters or times when I think some folks just need to chill the eff down and quit it because A is not for B. Period. That is my opinion, just like the other person is entitled to theirs.

That website I created does not exist anymore. The stories I have stored onto my computer but have not put out there again. That relationship had potential… and sometimes, that little nugget of hope stays inside a lot longer than the reality.


Thank you anesthesiologists

I was put under today for my medical procedure and it’s only the second time it’s happened to me (the first was for my only surgery: gallbladder removal several years ago). I was given a small face mask and soon after Lisa, anesthesiologist in charge today had me out for the count. I came out of it once it was all done and I was already rolled back into the small outpatient recovery area babbling about the fried chicken I was going to eat for lunch. (Yesterday all I had was clear broth and Jello… I was due some real food!)

It’s amazing to know the level of responsibility an anesthesiologist has while they monitor and manage patient functions during operations, important things like keeping them breathing, checking the heart rate, and ensuring that blood pressure levels remain good.

Yes, the doctor or surgeon doing the internal stuff plays a big role but that anesthesiologist is also a physician working to keep you alive as well. It’s amazing how they don’t get the acknowledgements sometimes but days like today, one does need to remember their work is just as vital.

Tomorrow a medical procedure… today… liquids only

I am having a medical procedure early tomorrow morning which I cannot have any solids in my stomach for 24 hours so since I woke up this morning it’s been clear soup, tea and jello. I am not hungry… yet but I am going to be hating this afternoon once my lunch and dinner times come across because I am going to be really wanting something to chew on. I can hear you now, “You can chew jello.” LIES! Jello is slurped and then swallowed… does not count.

Yesterday I did not go bonkers eating food but I did enjoy myself eating different things here at home. How I would love to dig into some (forbidden for today) fried chicken or a medium rare steak, some fresh rice and beans or homemade oven baked fries, a big glass of coffee with real milk and sugar and then some ice cream or pie or cake or something sweet.

I know some people fast for religious and health reasons so I am going to stop being a crybaby about it and know I can overcome this for 24 hours.

The tongue

For the most part, I don’t think about my tongue: it’s in there doing its job, brings food from one side to the other side of my mouth, keeping my mouth salivated but there are moments when I am about to sleep when it’s a bit in the way.

It’s something you don’t think about… until you think about it. Do so now. Really think about your tongue, feel how it’s settled in your mouth. You might find that it feels a bit thick, presses a bit against the inside of your teeth and then you move it and sometimes it feels off…

This happens to me sometimes as I lay in bed, I can”t find how to place my arms before going to sleep and my tongue also decides to remind me that it’s this large fleshy thing just sitting around in a small place. Hopefully I am not the only one.

More than half the year is gone

In the next few days we will be in August, past the halfway point for what we call a year. For me this is how a year goes: Jan Feb and March are the slow ones.. they never seem to end even though Feb has the least amount of days to it. Then the middle months are there.. just chugging along. When the calendar hits mid Oct, that’s when the insanity of it all begins to really churn out the days and the end of the year, going from Holiday to Holiday and then *bloop* a new year to celebrate.

It’s amazing just how quickly it all gears up and then seems to slow back down while folks are financially and emotionally processing everything they’ve gone through. So now it’s almost August and I hear the roller coaster click clacking its way towards 2020. Hold on tight. It’s going to be a ride,

A touch of worry, a bit of precaution

As it is nowadays, a lone woman needs to be cautious when out by herself. You hear stories from folks and the news of terrible things happening to a person while they are out and about or even at home so there are certain precautions one must take.

I try to error on the side of caution so when I am driving somewhere, especially at night if those headlights behind me keep following me for a bit too long, I will take an alternate way back or go down a street to make a U-turn and track back another way.

Paranoid? I consider it being cautious and sometimes needed.

That horrid cut along the digits

The spareribs were priced at buy one, get one free so I bit the bullet and paid the $14 for the deal. Got them home while they were still in their frozen state, broke out the meat scissors and sharpened my knife to prepare them into smaller batches to be cooked in. Of the two packages, I wound up with 6 servings of a fairly good sized amount of pork.

I ran into a bit of difficulty when storing the future ribs however, since they were a bit longer than the sandwich sized bags I place into the freeze for my future meals so I wound up breaking out the heavy duty aluminum foil instead. I was preparing the third batch when it happened: a sheet of the aluminum was laying upwards, waiting for me to press it down onto the from of the ribs but my hand made a sideways swipe too close to the material and the very sharp edge of this pressed metal ripped into the middle section of my index finger.

There is a difference between a paper cut and an aluminum foil cut: the paper cut can slice deep and smoothly into the layers of epidermis whereas one done by aluminum tends to feel a bit jagged due to the materials since it’s metal is ripped apart when you’re going to use it. These both leave that horrid burning sensation once the slices into the body, my stomach gives that painful dip of suffering when I witness the line of blood left by the injury. All I can do is wait for the skin to repair itself and pray I don’t touch anything else for further damage.