A quick water dash on plates or cups

Growing up my Mom taught us to do a quick water dash onto the plates, cups or utensil you were planning on using. Just a quick flow of water which you would then shake or dry off before using the item since it meant if any dirt or dust (or creep crawly legs) went onto it while in the cupboards could be taken off. Now many of my friends do not do this and it’s enough to gross me out at times.

Think about it: you are not doing a full on wash, understood but you are, hopefully, doing a small clean up. I don’t know how long your cup was in that cupboard. What if a small fly was in there? And now you’ve just filled it up without inspecting it and expect me to drink what you poured? Ugh. No thank you. Wash it out briefly, damn it!


Tap water

When we lived in New York, drinking from the tap was a normal and wonderful thing: it tasted quite clean and crisp. We chugged it down for 14 years and never had a single problem with it. Then for 11 years we living in Puerto Rico which had mediocre tap water and we had a filter put into the refrigerator to clean it out and a salt purifier which cleaned the tap and bathing water we used for several years.

Once we moved to Florida, I found that the tap water was off: it could range from a strong chlorine scent to a kind of swampy musky scent. Now I do not buy bottled water or those high end waters either because I go through a lot of water. There are four 1 gallons within my refrigerator which I refill via the Glacier machines in our supermarkets and the water tastes pretty darned good. So sorry tap water, I avoid you because I grew up drinking down the best and no other place compares to it… yet.

The incoming disaster… the time stressing and worrying about it

For 11 years my family and I lived on the tropical paradise named Puerto Rico which is known for the sky blue waters, the exotic foods and glorious beaches. It was also a place where I learned about hurricanes and their massive smack downs. Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands are usually kicked in the groin when it comes to hurricanes – they just looove to mosey one past there swinging in hostile winds and spitting out lots of rain water.

You have weeks to see this natural weather beast forming out in Atlantic or eastern Pacific Ocean, when the form first begins and it picks up power as it moves closer to where people live. The meteorologist give them names and a category based upon their wind speeds, predications are made upon where it will travel and what level of damage it can cause. Then it’s a waiting game. You watch the news, listen to the radio, go to websites to monitor it…. and you wait. Once it looks like it’s heading your way, the mad rush for water, food and supplies is on! People grow panicked when desperation kicks in, stores run out of materials and you can see the rise in gas kick in.

The waiting and the maybe it will swerve and miss us is what drives anyone into high stress mode long before it actually is here. The only benefit is that with technology we are now inundated with nearly minute by minute information… which can also lead to more stress.

The offer of giving… but they lied

The definition of the verb give is: to freely transfer the possession of (something) to (someone); hand over to.

A few years ago I was gingerly looking for a new piece of furniture when one of my ex-coworker overheard the conversation. She mentioned how she had a $300 credit at a particular furniture store and she was never going to use it, therefore she offered to give it to me. After several questions about it she said it was better than going to waste and she didn’t want it so she gave it to me, verbally.

So, I went to one of their stores and found a little piece of furniture which I decided would work out for me and mentioned it to her. At that time she then stated that she would need to cash equivalent since she “needed to make something off of it”. I stood there baffled since the first time and even the second time we discussed it, she had never once ever mentioned me paying her the amount and as I stated to her, she offered it… did not sell it.

To say that I was peeved is to put it lightly but was I in the wrong? I asked her twice to clarify if she was giving it to me and both times the answer was the same. Should I have continued to push? Was I in the wrong for misunderstanding? Honestly, I don’t believe I was. It’s my honest belief that she regretted the idea once I actually took her up on it and then she figured there was a monetary opportunity in it for her – which is fine but state it from the very beginning. No, I did not take up her offer in the end out of anger and belligerence.

The avoidance of eye contact

There are times when I am walking where I can stare right past someone, they can be nearly directly in my path and I have mastered the distant over the person stare and avoid total eye contact with them. Some folks have mastered the slight look away while others just turn their heads away in a “casual” way but I can totally erase that person from my view as if they were completely non existent. My eyes focus on a spot right over the curve of their shoulder and poof… gone.

One of the reasons I do it at times is because there are people who have the habit of looking at you and expecting a smile or a nod or some kind of connection once you make eye contact, there are times I am tired or just not wanting to make that connection. Other folks are just damned rude and even when you do smile at them and say a whispered good morning, they’ll look at you with a how dare you even speak at me expression. Sad but it happens more often than not. So I avoid.

When it comes to walking past someone who is being friendly, or either a child or an elderly person I toss aside that avoidance out of respect and manners. The grumpies, snarky or ones with attitude or chips of their shoulder … you aren’t in my spectrum. Nope, not even a speck of dust.

Comfy at home clothes

On most days I get home from work, toss off my clothes, hop a quick shower and then put on some old but reliable jammies. The feel of that worn cotton is the loveliest feeling I can describe: soft, pliable and homey. There are some weekends when all I do is stay in said jammies, just relaxing and hiding from the world in my cocoon of a house. I’ll dress up and do errands just to come back home and hop into another pair of clean jammies.

That is home for me.   🙂

Looking for approval, to love and to be loved

This world is a harsh and hard place which we have all heard, experienced and lived it. Given any iota of a chance and something is out to break, kick you down or worse. We all have that desire of approval, the needs for loving and being loved which is that trait that so many movies, songs, lectures are about. It’s preached in different medias, we talk about it among friends, family and some even to their therapists.

Some of us grow up showered in love and are blessed with either a small or large group which they brand as theirs. Their blood, brood, click, soul mates.. so many names and identities but they all serve the same: they give us that foundation we need to function. Really deep, huh? If someone moves, leaves, dies – you feel hurt or depressed because you invested into that relationship. Again, life being rough on us. 

There are too many who seek it in the wrong people, group or situation and all they get is hurt, sometimes time and time again. At times I have looked for that non familial love in the wrong man and it has done nothing but burn me. Not to a crisp but it’s left deep emotional cracks which needed a good bit of time to mend. Will I make the same errors? I really hope not but we’re not the sharpest when we’re falling into emotions or relationships.